To produce precast panels for facade elements

, sandwich walls or whole wall thicknesses ranging from residential to commercial and industrial buildings; Bianchi tilting tables are ideal. After curing the concrete, the panels can be easily removed from the tilting mechanism in a vertical position. 

The tilting mechanism is made out of telescoping hydraulic cylinders that rotate the table around a set point according to the size and weight of the table. A hydraulic control unit with pumps, electrical motor levers, and pushbuttons activates the cylinders in response to commands from one or more tables, as required by the customer.

Tilting Table | Precast Equipment | CLB Engineering


Custom-sized steel casting plates of up to 5m wide and 100m long, 10mm thick, with metal profiles forming a sturdy frame, laid and welded to the fundamental longitudinal structure.




The surface of the steel can be polished to a mirror sheen if requested.








The casting level is at around 85 cm above the ground.








Sized for different weight per square meter (from 400kg/m2 up to 900kg/m2) of concrete overload.





Using an overhead crane and a manual operation, the lower half of the table can be adjusted to the necessary height variation.




Side and top sides are available on tables depending on what kind of panels are being made; tables with fixed sides are used for panels of the same size, whereas magnetic shuttering systems are utilized for panels of varying sizes. Additionally, Bianchi has a large selection of shuttering systems and magnets.